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Author archives: Tenebris

N7 Armor (Fallout 4)

The N7 armor from Mass Effect 3. MaleShep armor for the male characters and FemShep for the female characters. The armor, helmet and weapons are craftable at the chem station under “Alliance Requisitions“.   MIRRORS:

Batman Beyond (Fallout 4)

Features: The Batman Beyond armor, Batgirl’s suit, the Arkham Knight’s suit and a Batman Beyond themed flag craftable at the settlement workstations in the decorations category. The armors are craftable at the chemistry station under “Advanced Wayne Tech” and “Arkham Tech”. MIRRORS: Batman Beyond and Batgirl models by Christopher Cao.

Knightmare Batman and Batsuit (Fallout 4)

The Knightmare Duster and Batsuit from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, along with several variations of the cowl from Arkham Knight, The Dark Knight, and Arkham Origins, a Batgirl female variant and Batman themed flags craftable for any settlement under decorations/flags. Craftable at the chem station under “Wayne Tech”. HIGHLY recommend adding the full eye black face paint to your character for the cowls. NOTES: If your ears/forehead/jaw clip […]