Skryim player model request for Cloud Strife from FF7 G-Bike!

Yes I have a mod request for Skyrim. My request is Cloud Strife from the newest FF7 game, FF7 G-Bike. I have already ripped the model and got the model all set up in blender which I will be including in a zip file along with this request. As you can see from the screenshots. I would happily attempt this mod myself, but sadly i’m not as skilled and a […]


Batman: Arkham Knight - Playable Characters Mod (Free Roam)

Credits to Mr.Jab and Wastelander121 for this mod. Installation: ● STEP 1 Extract the folder “DLC” in the main game’s directory. ● STEP 2 Start a new game or load your savegame (MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE DOING THIS) and from the main menu or during the game press the button to play as your favorite character: F1: Red Hood F2: Harley Quinn F3: Nightwing F4: Robin F5: Azrael F6: Bruce […]